Meet Dan, who found an armchair near Primosten, Croatia. There he is, also, amid the standing stones at Callenish, the Hebrides. He is the director, historian and navigator here, for our silly Car-Dan Tour Company, so-called by us for us. And this is our hub and information site.  The blogs for each country or area (above) lay it out. Narratives, photos and comment.

Our trips:  Two people heading out, no reservations, no tours.  Choose the country, come with a paper map with our circles for must-sees, rent a car, and aim for the circles. With the newer baggage limits, one carry-on and a shoulder satchel for each.  Minimal electronics. Noses out of screens, except when lost (often). Eyes open, all around. One big museum and one glam meal per trip, the rest as found. Take photos everywhere, then research at home to see what we saw. Two on the Loose. It has worked for years.

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How this works so well:

  • Dan is a universal. He makes friends. He also has an advantage: He has Down Syndrome and gets recognition and smiles. Amazing. He is a great traveler and street-smart companion. He learns fast, is fun, adventurous, careful, and knows more about the world and its issues than many of us. Well done, Dan.
  • Two on a trip like this. Excellent.  Easier to find a room, and decide agendas. Two adults on a toot: Both in the front seat. Two on the loose.

Enjoy. Stay dry. And if the world settles down a little and the creek don’t rise, we just may go back.