Europe Road Ways




Two Weeks In Each Region, or Country, Depending.

No Reservations. Always a Place to Stay.

Two people heading out. We choose a country, economize in getting there, rent a car, and aim. See what happens when a road trip is not bound by reservations, tours.

See what we find.

Toggle between links to the countries and see photos, comments, history, cultures.

Mapping. Backwards.

Or basic organization is done at home: mark a map with dots - red pencil works fine - for any place that looks of interest from a guidebook.

Then, when we get somewhere, anywhere, we check the map for other dots nearby. Sometimes we go see it all, sometimes we move on to the next cluster of dots. Priority: signs for things we did not dot. Go there.

We may follow a coast, or the overall shape of a country with forays inland, or do figure eights.\

Lures. If there is a song about it, go there. Or a character from history or fiction, or an event. We like legends, following migrations, where was the Plague from time to time, finding a battlefield and learning what went on and why.

If in doubt about a menu, just pick. Fourth one down works well for one of us, the other is equally scientific in the choice.

Why this way?

Look it up later. Take the photo now. What can we learn when we are not being told. What can we see, or hear, when our attention is not directed by an agenda.

Maybe what we are taught does not relate to what is there.

Why two in the car?

Add more, and you become a group.

With just two, choices and dynamics are simpler, and local contacts probably warmer.

The Car-Dan Tour Company

Trips for the Nuts

Established, so to speak, in 1999 - first trip.

A company in name only - Dan Widing and Carol Widing just keep each other company.

At other times, Jon, or Carol and Jon, also may take off *

* Asterisk shows trips different from usual Car-Dan

One of our rules: If there is a ferry, take it.

This one is a local, in Croatia: From Orebic to the island of Korcula. Admire the packing.